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Siegecraft vid up on Video Page
yea i will work on that in the next day or 2
Kalar can u have videos link to rbp youtube, siegecrafter vid is up
Jack how come you never hold me like that?
I would like to put this picture of Jacktrav forward for future use potentially. [link]
-    HEROIC BLACKFUSE DOWN!    -    Welcome to Blackrock's Premier 2 night a week Mythic raiding guild    -    Congrats to Lukieslock on his recent wedding!    -    Raids are Sun/Mon 7-11p PST!    -    HEROIC BLACKFUSE DOWN!    -    Welcome to Blackrock's Premier 2 night a week Mythic raiding guild    -    Congrats to Lukieslock on his recent wedding!    -    Raids are Sun/Mon 7-11p PST!


In TBC we went from Karazhan through BT/Hyjal in 2.5 months before attunements were removed. In Wrath we earned every server first through Ulduar. While on a 3day/9hour raid schedule, we were consistently ranked in the top 150 to 200 range.

With roughly 10 returning veterans, and a handful of new faces, we are building our new Mythic team for Warlords. The move from Terenas to Blackrock has been beneficial due to the larger population and healthier economy.

With a 9 year history, we consider this group more than a raid team; it's a family. As such, we are very selective about whom we bring into our circle. We are practicing patience as we continue to build the perfect team for Mythic raiding.

Our return to the game was too late to be competitive in Siege. We are using this tier to build synergy within the team, evaluate strengths and opportunities, and formalize the roster. This will create a springboard allowing us to hit the ground running in Mythic.

In the few short weeks we have been on Blackrock, we have cleared 3/4 of SoO Heroic through exemplary gameplay and teamwork.

We will return to our previous standard of excellence. We will be the best two-night raiding guild in the country. We will do this while enjoying the game and friendships, but not committing so much time to the game that our wives leave us or our children forget us.

Sunday/Monday from 7 to 11pm PST.

Post an application and tell us why. If we feel like you'd be right for our team, we will invite you for a trial.

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