Welcome to RBP!

Tiny posted Jun 21, 14

Welcome to Really Bad Players


OUR PAST: In TBC we went from Kara through BT/MH in 2.5 months - before attunements were removed. In Wrath we got all server firsts through Ulduar. We were generally in the Top 150 to 200 range (when that meant something), and we only raided three nights per week.

OUR PRESENT: There are 10 of us who have returned and a handful who have joined us to build a new team of really bad players for WoD. We moved to Blackrock due to the larger population, more active raid community and healthy economy.

Due to our history together, this has become more than a raid team - it's a community. As such, we are very, very selective about whom we will allow into the family. We are practicing patience as we slowly continue to build the perfect team for Mythic raiding.

We returned to the game too late to be competitive in SoO. As such, we are using this tier to build synergy within the team, evaluate strengths/weaknesses, formalize the roster and create a springboard that will allow us to hit the ground running in Mythic.

We expect to clear SoO HM while doing this.

OUR FUTURE: We will return to our previous standard of excellence. We will compete for US#1 for two-night guilds. We will do this while enjoying the game, enjoying our friendships and not committing so much time to the game our wives leave us nor our children forget us.

RAIDS: Sunday/Monday from 7 to 11 p.m. PST.

INTERESTED: Post an application and tell us why. If we feel like you'd be right for what we're building, we will invite you for a trial.


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