Welcome to RBP!

Tiny aLR posted Feb 24, 14

Welcome to Really Bad Players

We are back, with 3/4 of our original Top 150 team from BC/Wrath! Our plan is to exemplify forefront progression on a two-night raid schedule.

We plan to decimate whatever Mythic challenges Warlords of Draenor throws at us, while still having time for work, school, friends and family.

The Road to Mythic WoD

So what does this road mean to us? Well it is more than simply getting enough skilled raiders. It’s also about integrating each person into the team so that we enter WoD with a group of players that trusts and feels comfortable with each other.

That is why we are starting now, as we want to have 20-23 proven raid members three months before WoD launches. This will enable us to take on the PTR and be on the front lines ready to go when the expansion is released. 

Sound like something you would be interested in? Post an application and tell us why.  If the fit is right, and we are what you're looking for, we'd love to have you join us in becoming WoD's #1 2-night guild in the US.