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Rip MW legendary nerfs. Go check your legendaries on live dung journal
A day in Legion: [link]
Will also give increased love to solo heal both <3 <#
Will give much love to get 100% Healing Parses on Manny and Archi So i can be Rank 2 <3 <3
Healing in Legion: Now with more health!
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Back in the day...

Way back when Illidan and the Burning Crusade were ravaging Outlands, we battled their forces with extreme prejudice. We conquered Medivh's tower of Karazhan, fought off Lady Vashj, countered Kael'thas's advances, prevented the destruction of the World Tree, took the fight to Illidan at the Black Temple, and melted Kil'Jaeden in his Sunwell. We achieved all these feats in 2 1/2 months while raiding only 9 hours a week, prior to Blizzard's removal of the attunements. We powered through the server ranks, becoming the #1 Horde guild and #3 on the server.

We continued our momentum in Wrath, earning every server first through Ulduar and competing for top 150 positions. Sadly, real world crises escalated. A small portion of our guild left to go defend our country in the Middle East. Others married, had kids, or went to college. Our ability to raid with that level of commitment diminished, and at last several of us went our separate ways, still maintaining our friendships and contact information.

After a few years on hiatus, whispers of a return to the old glory days brought players back to the game, and we began dominating the Siege of Orgrimmar raid on the US-Blackrock server in early 2014. We eventually scored a Heroic (Mythic) Garrosh Hellscream kill after only three months of heroic raiding in Mists of Pandaria.

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