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Boss strategies, videos, and discussion for Tomb of Sargeras.
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Raid strats for Nighthold
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By Drishna May 4, 17
Boss Strats/Video's for Trial of Valor
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By Drishna Feb 25, 17
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What you need to know about filling out your weekly evaluations
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By [GM] dallamain VET Jun 29, 17
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RBP's Official Strategies for Blackrock Foundry
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By joylin728 Apr 30, 16
RBP's Official Strategies for Highmaul
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By Xenofaul Jan 29, 15
RBP's Official Strategies for SoO
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By Archarys Nov 3, 14
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Today's WoW roundup includes the WoW Arena Finals, Mionee Soloing a +17 Vault and FatbossTV's Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine guide.For more recent news, check out the 7.3 Netherlight Crucible Customization, New Argussian Reach Faction and thi...
Published Jul 20, 2017
Blood Elf Female characters have received updated gun, bow, and crossbow animations on the 7.3 PTR. Check out our video for the new animations!We've been previewing other revamped animations throughout the 7.3 PTR; check them all out her...
Published Jul 19, 2017
SDCC 2017 takes place this week, and if you can't make it in person, Blizzard is releasing new merchandise for everyone! Instead of looking for collectibles on eBay or waiting in line, now you can buy special merchandise at home.Click he...
Published Jul 19, 2017
The Netherlight Crucible provides additional relic and artifact customization in Patch 7.3. Here is our early look at the new artifact talent tiers, how to unlock the crucible, and the Light and Shadow abilities.Don't forget that Artifac...
Published Jul 19, 2017
In today's 7.3 Build, the Emissaries were updated to include the Legionfall and Army of Light World Quests, and a new faction has been found that will award 7 mounts.Make sure to check out today's full post for all the new items in today...
Published Jul 19, 2017