Guild Ranks

Our guild utilizes an atypical ranking structure with two distinct raider ranks.
Guild Master
Executes the guild's goals, creates guild policies, and oversees the appointment and instruction of officers.
A raider tasked with the organization and management of a raiding role or function, as well as taking part in the loot council. Officer positions include raid leader, recruitment officer, and the role officers (healing, ranged, and melee).
Raider Rank 2
A raider who has demonstrated mastery of their specialization, a reliable understanding of raid mechanics, and sustains exceptional attendance. Raid-night repairs and use of bank materials are permitted.
Raider Rank 1
A raider who has not fully demonstrated mastery of their specialization, mechanical understanding, or is without a record of reliable attendance. Trials are promoted to this rank for further evaluation, and higher ranks can be demoted to Raider Rank 1 for inadequate performance or attendance.
A prospective raider undergoing evaluation for group compatibility, sufficient class and mechanical understanding, and attendance.
Trialing Process

Trials are evaluated over an approximate two-week period, or four raid nights, in which the trial participates in boss kills. The duration of the trial and its methodology are at the discretion of the role officer. What content the trial is brought to is dependent on their gear, experience, and our current progression schedule. Certain progression decisions, like holding a lockout to work on a progression boss, can elongate a trialing period. However, if we see the trial perform to our satisfaction in raids, and with no glaring problems as discussed between the officer and the trial, they will be promoted to Raider Rank 1. Promoting a trial to Raider Rank 1 means we think they have merit, but will need to prove themselves further. Failing a trial may result in retrialing, demotion to a social rank, or removal from the guild.

Trials are required to understand our policies and carry out the expectations we expect of all our raiders. Adaptation to our policies and practices is something an Officer will look at as part of the evaluation.

Raider Rank 1 is where we consider someone a raider in our guild, but it comes with another minimum two-week evaluation period. It is at Raider Rank 1 where Officers will ensure the raider can demonstrate our required qualities simultaneously, and not sway between being good at mechanics while not numerically, or vice versa, while maintaining their attendance.

Bimonthly Demotions

Every 2 months the officers will evaluate the Raider Rank 2's and demote any who no longer demonstrate the qualities the rank requires. The role officer will discuss with the raider about what they need to improve and monitor their progress until they can be promoted back to Raider Rank 2. If the issue is unresolved for some time, the recruitment officer will step in and try to replace these players.

Ranks are the effect to which performance, mechanics, and attendance are the cause. Loot council considers ranks as a snapshot of reliability; a culmination of the qualities in the previous two-month interval. Ranks are for the raider, and the raid, to see where everyone stands, but is not a primary drive of loot council or raid spot assignments.

BFA Raider Requirements
All ranks are expected to follow these requirements.
Show up to raid 15 minutes early, with all necessary consumables. It's often we provide things like flasks and food, but raiders should have enough on hand for at least a raid night if we don't. We do not come to raid with enchants or prepots to hand out to everyone.
The raid leader will collaborate with the officers and release writeups of strategies for each raid boss. Our strategy may not coincide with whatever FatBoss releases, so raiders are required to read them and acknowledge they have using a simple checkmark emoji in Discord.
Stat Weights
For DPS, regularly obtaining new stat weights using something like RaidBots and an addon like Pawn. Healers and tanks also have stat weights, typically found in spreadsheets on their class Discord, and should refer to them. The percent upgrade value is required to be entered in the "note" of our loot council addon so we can compare item worth across different players.
Azurite Level
Collect enough Azurite to utilize at least the second tier of traits on Azurite Armor when new raid tiers are released. The higher the item level of Azurite Armor you can obtain, the higher the requirement to use its traits. We will not bring players who cannot properly utilize gear they obtain.
Weekly Cache
Do at least one Mythic Keystone per week that maximizes the reward from the weekly cache until you're at least in full mythic gear, if possible. This is the only steady way of getting better Azurite Armor.

Loot Distribution

We utilize a proxy based loot council system for determining where loot should go.
Our Loot Philosophy

Loot council acts to reach a happy medium between quickly distributing loot, and maximizing group performance so that gear ends up hitting bosses. It enables us to maintain our goal of being a competitive two-night guild, which requires that we prioritize the bulk of our time and effort working on bosses, not loot. The council quickly gathers and processes a multitude of data from raiders in order to converge on a decision. A personal loot system would not give raiders such immediate information, stalling loot distribution as everyone discusses to whom loot should be awarded. Raiders can worry about trash and preparing for the next boss while the council deliberates.

Raiders are considered for items based on their performance, attendance, and rank. How much weight these factors are given is entirely dependent on our current progression needs and goals. Officers retain the right to distribute loot for any reason to benefit the guild or its ideals, or to weaken or strengthen the council.

The numerical and mechanical aptitude of our players is essential to killing progression bosses. We reward players who know how to perform.
No matter how good a player is, they're of no use to us if they don't reliably show up to raids. Attendance and tardiness is tracked.
A rolling snapshot of a player's performance and attendance, checked every two months as a measure of reliability. See ranks for more info.
Council Decision Making

Officers will make decisions using criteria not limited to what's described above. Every council decision is to better align the guild with our current goals. This may mean gearing a particular role or new trial instramental to our progression, avoiding situations of extreme gear inequality, or not rewarding a bout of poor raider reliability not yet reflected through ranks.

For instance, attendance is a good foundation for giving out gear, but a boss dynamic may suddenly require our best raid performance. Similarly, no matter how reliable a player is, as shown by their rank, their specialization may not be the focus for an upcoming boss. When we aren't in the heat of progression, the principles by which we evaluate our raiders will plateau, making gearing decisions more tedious and less important. We may disable or diminish the council for specific farm bosses, or favor the player who looted the item in tie-breaking situations.

Through and through, we make decisions with the entire raid in mind, not to the whimsy of an individual player. Gear isn't a reward we pile onto the exceptional players, but a brick-by-brick foundation we build across the entire raid to support our goals.

Installing RCLootCouncil

All raiders are required to download RCLootCouncil. There is no setup involved, simply leave the addon enabled and update it regularly using something like the Twitch Client.

Looting the Boss

Whenever someone loots a boss, RCLootCouncil will detect any tradeable items they've received and forwards what they are to the council's voting table. The council will receive the items as players loot the boss, so everyone should quickly loot the boss and move on to trash. Do not hover over an item on the body without looting it, as we will all have to wait for you to loot it before everyone can see the item.

Decision Popup

As the items arrive, a popup will appear for all raiders, including the person who currently holds the item. It will ask you to categorize what the item means to you. Best in Raid implies this item is the best item you can get in this slot from the raid; once you have it you'll only want the same item at a higher item level or something from a Mythic+. Mainspec means there is something better in the raid than this item, but this is still an upgrade for your raiding specialization. Offspec means you'd use it for alternative content, and transmog for aesthetical reasons.

When using the Best in Raid and Mainspec buttons, everyone is required to click on the note button and enter by what percentage of an upgrade the item is, e.g. "5% upgrade," as determined from your stat weights. Failure to include a note will get the popup sent back to you at best, or your choice ignored at worst.

Voting Frame

Officers will be presented with the following table of voters for each item, listing the button they pressed along with their note. Character information such as overall equipped item level, and links to the item(s) in the slot(s) of the same item type. Historically, the addon will sometimes not be able to detect what you're wearing if you're too far away from the master looter.

The person who is holding the item will have a little money bag symbol next to their character, denoting it's currently in their bags.

While we know how much of an item level boost this item is, we do not know how the stats fare for each and every specialization. Everyone is required to include a note describing how much of an ugprade it is in a percentage, like "5% upgrade." Saying something is a "huge upgrade", or other vague terms is not helpful and will prompt us to ask you for more useful information.

Assigning & Trading

Once the officers have voted and the master looter assigned the item to someone, the player who looted the item will be presented with this popup window. If the "Trade" text is red, you're too far away, green and you're in range. Simply click the text and it will open a trade for you to trade the item to that person.

Officers can view the status of trades from the voting table, which will also notify them of any illegal trades.

"Proxy" Loot Council

Joining our roster means you agree to distributing your received items by proxy through a loot council. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to undermine the loot council by equipping, trading, destroying, or concealing items without express permission from the council. Doing so would be synonymous with ninja-looting, to which we have a zero-tolerance policy.

Required Addons

Boss strategies and loot distribution require the following addons.
We facilitate distributing loot using RCLootCouncil, so all raiders must have it installed and enabled while in raid.
Exorsus Raid Tools
Swiss army knife of an addon useful for interrupt rotations, viewing cooldowns, and primarily for fight notes similar to AngryAssignments.
Certain bosses may require advanced WeakAuras to simplify our fight strategy, or make our lives easier.
Deadly Boss Mods
BigWigs or elaborate WeakAuras are fine too, but you'll probably want to be able to see our break timers in some form or fashion.
Addon Setup

These addons require essentially no setup from our raiders, just ensure they're enabled and updated frequently using something like the Twitch Client. Exorsus Raid Tools has a few features your role officer may require you to enable, such as raid cooldown bars for healers, individual cooldowns for tanks, or interrupts for DPS.